Guinness’s non-alcoholic option up to now can only be served by a can but the owners of Guinness (Diageo) are bringing it to draught within months. This is due to the huge market that non-alcoholic options have become with Guinness 0.0 being a massive success within Ireland.

The popularity of the drink has been down to its extreme likeness to the alcohol version and gives customers and particularly drivers a chance to enjoy a pint without the worry of getting drunk. A publican from County Louth said: “The drink is very popular with designated drivers who can still have craic drinking a 0.0 and it almost tastes like the real thing.”

Guinness 0.0 has become one of the most popular non-alcoholic drinks since its release in 2021 and will continue that popularity with the introduction of the more preferred option of having it on draught.