The event is scheduled for June 25 and has the Red Bull Racing team at the top of the agenda. Demonstrations of drifting, motorcycles, music, and even a Marcha dos Mercados de Lisboa parade make up the unique programme.

The Red Bull Showrun Lisbon includes an F1 demonstration featuring the powerful RB7 - the V8 with which Sebastian Vettel became World Champion in 2011.

The event is divided into two zones: a Paddock that will be set up in Praça do Império and will be accessible to the public during the morning (9am - 1pm) and a track of about one kilometre located in the heart of Avenida da Índia (between the Coach Museum and the Belém Cultural Center) where all the action starts at 3pm.

David Coulthard, who claimed his first podium for Red Bull Racing in 2006, is the duty driver for the Red Bull Showrun Lisboa. Currently 52 years old, this true F1 legend has participated in 247 Grands Prix and stood on the podium 62 times. Portugal undoubtedly has a special place in his career, as it was in Estoril that he won his first race in the F1 World Cup in 1995.

Red Bull Showrun Lisboa is a Red Bull event that has the support of Heineken and the Lisbon City Council.



9am-1pm Paddock open to public

10:00h Opening of the Bars and Shops Area

11:00h Traffic cut - Avenida da Índia

15:00 Start of the Red Bull Showrun Lisbon

15:12h March parades with David Coulthard + Areas Gibieza + Red Bull Driftbrothers

3:30 pm SIDE ACT#1 Areas Gibieza

3:40pm SIDE ACT#2 Red Bull Driftbrothers

15:53h Red Bull Racing in action

4:05 pm SIDE ACT#3 Red Bull BC One Breaking demo

4:25pm SIDE ACT#4 Areas Gibieza + Red Bull Driftbrothers

5pm Red Bull Racing in action

17:12h SIDE ACT#5 performance Kappa Jotta

17:25h SIDE ACT#6 Areas Gibieza + Red Bull Driftbrothers

17:43h Red Bull Racing in action

18:15h End of the Red Bull Showrun Lisbon

* Subject to change