The reader told The Portugal News that despite registering a complaint with the GNR, they felt that the case was not being taken seriously, especially considering that it led to the death of their dogs.

The reader said that the local veterinarian affirmed that dog poisoning is currently a situation in the region, leading hunters to having antidotes to give their animals if they present symptoms of poisoning. The reader told The Portugal News that their dogs had died due to this criminal activity, leading them to present a complaint to the local GNR.

The GNR told The Portugal News that the case is being investigated by the Ministério Público of Cantanhede. According to the note sent by the authorities, the investigation was started by the GNR, who “went to the place together with the municipal veterinarian”, which has led to “several investigations and evidence being collected.”

How to identify a poisoned dog

To shed light on dog poisoning, Dr. Paola Cuevas (, a certified veterinarian, told The Portugal News, that “the signs of dog poisoning largely depend on the toxic substance” the animal has had contact with, as “different toxins have diverse effects.” The symptoms may go “from oral and gastrointestinal irritation with drooling, swollen mouth, difficulty swallowing, vomiting and diarrhoea to organ damage.”

Dr. Paola Cuevas also confirmed how common the poisoning of dogs may be, even when it happens at home “from the kid sharing chocolate with the dog” to an owner that thinks that human medication, such as Ibuprofen, would ease a dog’s pains. Outside, dogs may be in contact with insecticides and fertilisers in public spaces.

The veterinarian mentioned that as soon as the animal presents symptoms of poisoning, it must be taken immediately to the veterinary clinic. If possible, the owner must tell the doctor exactly what the dog ingested, and when was the substance ingested, so the veterinarian can deal with the case.

The treatment may vary according to the substance that the dog has been in contact with and how long ago the substance was ingested. In some cases “absorbers such as activated carbon and buffer substances might also prevent further damage.”


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