The districts of Évora, Faro, Setúbal, Santarém, Lisbon, Beja and Portalegre will be under the warning between 12:00pm on Friday and 6:00pm on Saturday due to the persistence of high maximum temperatures.

For today the forecasts point to hot and dry weather, due to an “anticyclonic ridge between the Bay of Biscay and the Madeira archipelago”.

A general rise in temperature values is expected, especially the maximum, with values above 30 degrees expected in most of the country, and values between 35 and 40 degrees inland, especially in the South where thermometers are to go above 40 degrees.

The minimum temperature will also increase, with tropical nights forecast (minimums above 20 degrees) in several places in the centre and south, with emphasis on the eastern Algarve region where the minimums may even be close to 25 degrees.