"During the last few hours the cloud of smoke from the fires in Canada covered the entire mainland territory," said the Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) in a statement released on 27 June, where they also said that the cloud of smoke will affect the country until Thursday.

"The cloud should also intensify in the Azores region from 28 June and in Madeira from 29 June," they said.

IPMA stressed that the smoke cloud has remained at an altitude (above 1000 m) and "should dissipate" in mainland Portugal from Thursday morning, remaining in the Azores region.

The institute will continue to monitor the situation and may issue a new update if justified.

However, the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) has said that the levels of particles measured against the air quality index classes remain at "Good" and "Very Good" in mainland Portugal and in the Azores.