According to SAPO news, the economic climate factor, whose score decreased last month, has since stabilised in June.

In the consumer evaluation, all the components were positive: expectations of growth in the future of the country’s economic situation, of the household financial situation, in the ability for families to make important purchases, as well as opinions on the past growth of the household’s financial situation, the statistics office notes. Meanwhile, the expectations of businessmen on the future evolution of retail prices have lowered.

Looking at the various sectors, the growth wasn’t equal among all. “Confidence indicators grew in Construction and Public Works and in Services, having lowered in Transformative Industry and Commerce,” the INE indicated.

In regards to the transformative industry, the decline was explained by the “negative contribution of production prospects and of price hikes relative to finished good stocks,” they explained. In the field of commerce, they weighed “the price rises over the volume of stocks and the company’s prospects for activity, with opinions about sales volume having contributed positively.”

The economic feeling in Europe regressed for the third month in a row this June, 1.1 points in the Euro Zone just as in the EU, the European Commission shared.

According to data from the General Assembly of Financial and Economic Assistance (DG ECFIN) to the President, the economic feeling fell by 95.3 in the EU.

Among the most important European economies: Germany (-1.9), the Netherlands (-1.9), Italy (1.1), Spain (-0.9), Poland (-0.1) France having improved since 2022 (0.8).

The employment expectations indicator has grown by 0.4 in the Euro Zone (to 104.3) and in the EU (105 points), DG ECFIN stated.