This investment in Portugal´s capital will allow construction and rehabilitation work of municipal housing to take place, which is set to be finished by the end of 2026.

The investment will enable the restoration of 369 buildings spread across more than 25 municipal districts, resulting in the recovery of 6766 houses and the rehabilitation of an additional 715 housing units.

Lisbon city council teaming up with Gebalis

Last week, the Lisbon city council, together with Gebalis, reached an agreement to reinforce investment in the recovery and rehabilitation of housing across Lisbon´s municipal districts.

Gebalis currently manages more than 20,000 dwellings, which are spread across 66 municipal districts and home to around 60,000 people.

The funds from this new program contract will allow the city to carry out “fundamental works aimed at the rehabilitation and conservation of buildings in over 25 neighbourhoods, which translates to works on 369 buildings with an impact on 6,766 units, and rehabilitation of another 715 housing units.”

Completion set for 2026

In a statement it was noted that the works are sets to be completed by the close of 2026, and alongside that planned for the housing fractions, there will also be work carried out in the non-residential spaces and on the elevators.

This new €100 million investment comes in addition to the €42 million that has already been approved in the program contracts signed back in 2022. These funds made the rehabilitation of 327 houses possible, with 300 already completed.

“With an execution rate of more than 99% in relation to the previous program contracts agreed with the CML, in the 2022 financial year, this financial allocation, which is unparalleled, represents the unquestionable commitment of the City Council to housing”, shared Fernando Angleu, President of the Board of Directors of Gebalis. He highlighted that the approved funds "are fundamental for the continuity of the development of Gebalis' work in favour of safety, comfort and quality of housing for the population residing in municipal districts".

Work carried out as part of the Morar Melhor programme

All these interventions carried out by Gebalis are part of the Morar Melhor Program, which is a program for the rehabilitation of municipal neighbourhoods in Lisbon. This programme accounts for the rehabilitation of a total of 478 buildings with 8,614 units, and an additional of 1,545 units, representing the largest investment in rehabilitation of municipal housing since the PER – Special Rehousing Program.