In a statement, the PSP indicates that the arrest of the 26-year-old man for “the crime of disobeying the legitimate order of the commander of an aircraft” took place on Monday.

“The Jet 2 airline flight, which was on the route between the city of Edinburgh (Scotland) to Tenerife (Spain), was forced to divert to Porto Santo Airport after reporting a situation of a disorderly passenger, whose behaviour raised immediate concerns among the crew,” the note reads.

Upon arrival of the plane, the police were informed by the commander of the aircraft “that a passenger did not follow the crew’s orders, jeopardising the safety of both the crew and the other passengers, which is why it could not proceed with its journey”.

According to the statement, PSP agents approached the citizen and "tried to resolve the situation peacefully, through various attempts at dialogue", without success.

The man refused to follow the instructions of the authorities, "so it was necessary to use an electric weapon of low lethal potential to remove him from the plane and guarantee the safety of the other passengers and crew".

“The citizen ended up being detained by the police officers present there for the crime of disobedience, following the normal procedural steps, and the flight continued to its destination”, adds the PSP in the same note.