The first prize was not awarded, with the jackpot on Friday increasing to €63 million.

This Tuesday's EuroMillions winning bracket, from contest 059/2023, was made up of the numbers​​​ 5, 7, 11, 27, 37 and stars 6 and 12.

It should be remembered that in addition to bets placed on paper slips, bettors can play Euromillions online or via SMS.

To play via SMS, you just have to fill in the 'Mobile phone to play via SMS' and 'Card to play via SMS' fields in the 'My personal data' area.

Then you just have to send an SMS with your bet to number 3377 (SMS composition: game(s) indication, bet composition)”, explains the Santa Casa games website.

Bets can also be placed online through the Santa Casa website.