Clint Buffington told Notícias ao Minuto that he was "eager to know" the details behind the note.

Clint Buffington, known as 'The Hunter of Messages in a Bottle', is looking for the author of a message written in Portuguese that, according to his indications, was written in Cascais, in 2015.

"I love you very much. Thirteen bad years are over. Mercedes, Margarida and Maria", reads the message, which was written on the back of a Rede Expressos ticket. In the corner of the ticket, it also reads "Cascais 2015".

"The fact that it is written on a bus ticket suggests (but does not prove) that Mercedes, Margarida and Maria and the author are probably not from Cascais but, of course, it is possible that they are", explained Clint Buffington on Instagram, where he appeals to spread the message to discover the author.

The man, who resides in the US state of Utah, found the bottle in February this year during a boat visit, which lasted just one day, to a remote island in the British West Indies, he told Notícias ao Minuto.

So far, Cliff has found "more than 100 messages in bottles" and located "dozens of senders". However, there is something that "intrigues" him in this message written in Portuguese.

"What intrigues me most about this message in the bottle is that it doesn't appear to be signed by the real author... It looks like the three names on the message are the people the note was written for. So who sent it? And as to the meaning of the message itself - what was the period of 13 years that the author went through? And did he share that period of time with the three names on the note? Was it at school? I am eager to know!", he said.