The REVITO group started its activity in 2018, having been responsible for projects such as Brasil 222A, in Coimbra, Jardim das Camélias and Magnólia City Park, the latter in Vila Nova de Gaia.

Douro Nobilis - River View is REVITO's new development, and is characterized by attention to detail, comfort and prestige. The project intends to take advantage of the premium location, specifically at the VL8 roundabout in Vila Nova de Gaia, in the Porto Metropolitan Area. The positioning of the development is especially attractive due to the proximity to the future Rubi metro line that will provide a quick and direct connection to the city of Porto.

At Douro Nobilis - River View is REVITO's new development and according to Filipe Espinha, REVITO CEO, is characterized by the strong city energy combined with the calm and lightness of the views over the Douro River and the city of Porto, providing the quality of life that everyone seeks. This private condominium stands out for its contemporary exterior architecture. It is endowed with 114 apartments, with a high diversity of typologies, from T1 to T4. The ex-libris of the building will be its roof, consisting of two common swimming pools, athletics track, outdoor gym and leisure areas, which configures another way of experiencing the space, different from the commonly experienced. Some apartments have a private pool, also with unobstructed views over the city of Porto and the Douro River, in addition to generous balconies that reach 60m2, and in some cases add to the balconies terraces with 150m2.

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In a project designed by JÂ Arquitetura, it is worth highlighting the fusion between interior and exterior, enabled by the minimalist frames that provide continuity between the interior environments and the extensive balconies. Spacious apartments, very bright and with fluidity, make the best use of the light and solar orientation of the building. The social areas, such as the kitchen, dining room and living room, were designed to be able to communicate with each other, being partially open, thus obtaining an intuitive and natural path. Also noteworthy is the care with the detail, easily perceived by the refinement of solutions and materials chosen.

The apartments have a line of DSN appliances from SMEG, an air conditioning solution with BAXI underfloor heating, Dierre entrance door, FLORIM ceramics, GROHE taps among other materials and equipment of reference brands, having always opted for recognized products and insignias.

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Douro Nobilis - River View is REVITO's answer to all those who seek distinction.


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