This Is Our Memorial told The Portugal News: “It all started with the design of a poster and the idea of installing it on three billboards in the municipalities of Lisbon, Oeiras and Loures, as a memorial to victims of abuse in the Catholic Church in Portugal.” After two fundraising campaigns, it was possible to obtain an amount of 3,021 euros and after the money had been collected, the association had to “try to put the campaign on the street in four days.” However, in the municipality of Oeiras, the poster was not well received and, consequently, was withdrawn.

According to a statement sent to The Portugal News, the municipality of Oeiras states that it was on 2 August that it became “aware that an advertising tarp had been placed in a structure not licensed by the Municipality of Oeiras.” Therefore, notification regarding Public Notice 413/2023, of 18 July, was triggered, “which had given 10 days for all illegal structures to be removed, under penalty of being the Municipality itself to do so.” And so, it was. The municipality proceeded to remove the poster, leaving only a black poster, replacing the memorial to the victims.

After media attention, reported even abroad, This Is Our Memorial received “messages of support, directly and on the networks”, as well as various thanks and “financial or legal support”.


On social networks, namely on Twitter, the municipality of Oeiras was accused of censorship and of not wanting to transmit the message, which was placed during World Youth Day. In a statement, the municipality guarantees that it did not practice censorship, as it never will, noting that it only limited itself to following the law “that regulates relations in our society.”

On August 3, the municipality of Oeiras was contacted “by the association who, informed of the availability of the Municipality to place the canvas” on the network of billboards in the municipality, which was authorised.

In a statement, the municipality of Oeiras, states that it defends the idea that "paedophilia is an ignoble and miserable crime, which destroys lives and families", defending its investigation and the punishment of those who practice the crime. The municipality adds that what happened was “a regrettable episode, which stains a just and worthy cause, that of defending victims of paedophilia. For our part, the victims are above any other issue. Once the law is fulfilled, we wholeheartedly associate ourselves with the message that that canvas intends to convey.”

The poster was put up again and the association demonstrates, in a statement sent to The Portugal News, its thanks to all those who in some way allowed the placement of the posters to be possible. This Is Our Memorial also adds that “the opening of the Municipality of Oeiras to replace the poster will make it possible to recover the legal costs that were paid”, thus it will be possible to give to the association Coração Silenciado, the first association to support victims of abuse within the Catholic Church, the sum of 180.99 euros.

The posters will remain for one month in the aforementioned municipalities.


Deeply in love with music and with a guilty pleasure in criminal cases, Bruno G. Santos decided to study Journalism and Communication, hoping to combine both passions into writing. The journalist is also a passionate traveller who likes to write about other cultures and discover the various hidden gems from Portugal and the world. Press card: 8463. 

Bruno G. Santos