The Enchanting Allure of Setúbal

Setúbal, with its illustrious history, cultural diversity, and scenic beauty, stands as a compelling attraction for both residents and investors. The city presents an attractive mix of urban life within reach of breathtaking nature.

A noteworthy advantage of Setúbal is its proximity to the bustling capital city of Lisbon. Just a 50-minute drive South, residents can conveniently access the cultural, economic, and social hubs of the Portuguese capital while still enjoying the tranquillity of Setúbal. This also provides potential for an excellent rental market for those considering investing in the area. There are strong transport links to Lisbon with regular, affordable and reliable trains.

But the appeal of Setúbal extends beyond Lisbon. In the vicinity of this lively city, you'll find the Tróia Peninsula and Comporta, famed for their pristine beaches and natural landscapes. This trio – Setúbal, Tróia, and Comporta – forms a triad of appeal, offering a balanced lifestyle that blends city amenities, beach relaxation, and outdoor exploration.

When it comes to the cost-benefit ratio, Setúbal emerges as a highly attractive proposition. Despite the region's rising popularity, property prices remain considerably lower than in Lisbon. Therefore, whether you're planning to live or invest, Setúbal promises significant returns and a high quality of life.

Ericeira: A Coastal Gem

On the other hand, perched on the coastline north of Lisbon, Ericeira possesses its own unique allure. This picturesque town is an international surfing hotspot and offers a tranquil yet vibrant lifestyle steeped in Portuguese tradition.

Ericeira's location, just a 40-minute drive from Lisbon, presents a similar advantage to that of Setúbal. The short commute time ensures that residents can enjoy the best of both worlds – the peaceful charm of a coastal town and the dynamism of a thriving capital.

The cost-benefit analysis of Ericeira mirrors that of Setúbal. While property prices have been increasing due to its rising popularity, especially among international surfers and digital nomads, they remain significantly lower than those in Lisbon. As such, living in or investing in Ericeira represents a tremendous value proposition.

Furthermore, for those considering investment, Ericeira's reputation as a world-class surf destination and the increasing trend of remote work makes it an attractive location for vacation rentals or long-term stays. It provides a unique blend of relaxation and activity that is proving increasingly popular with tourists and expats alike.

Setubal and Ericeira: Great Options for Families

Beyond the tangible benefits of cost savings and the inherent allure of the picturesque landscapes, living and investing in Setúbal, and Ericeira holds other valuable propositions. The presence of highly-rated educational institutions, both local and international, serves to enhance their appeal, especially to families looking to relocate or invest in property.

The city of Setúbal also offers a wide selection of educational choices. The well-respected St. Peter's School provides an international curriculum that prepares students for a global future while ensuring they receive a well-rounded education. The city also hosts a range of public and private schools, ensuring families have an array of options to choose from, depending on their specific needs and preferences.

Similarly, in Ericeira, the proximity to Lisbon provides access to a myriad of excellent schools. Despite not having international schools within the town itself, the ease of commute to renowned schools in Lisbon, such as the Carlucci American International School and the British School, guarantees access to high-quality education.

The presence of these esteemed educational institutions near Setúbal andEriceira, add significant value to these locations. It's not just about offering a high standard of education; these schools also provide an international environment, fostering cultural diversity and enhancing students' global perspective. This quality is particularly valuable for families who value global exposure and are keen on providing the same for their children.

These Portuguese towns offer more than just cost-effective living or investment options. They provide a holistic environment conducive to growth and learning, making them excellent choices for families looking for a blend of high quality of life, enriched education, and wise investment opportunities.

Setúbal and Ericeira: Two Sides of the Same Coin

While each possesses unique attributes, Setúbal and Ericeira offer a shared allure. Their proximity to Lisbon provides both towns with a considerable advantage in terms of accessibility and economic potential. The cost of living and real estate in both locations also present an undeniably attractive prospect for individuals seeking to live, retire or invest in Portugal.

It is, therefore, no surprise that Setúbal and Ericeira continue to capture the hearts of global citizens. The towns offer the promise of a comfortable, enriching lifestyle at a cost that remains a fraction of that in larger European capitals. As the world continues to seek out such a blend of benefits, expect to see these Portuguese gems continue to shine brighter on the global stage.

by Michael Maxwell of EQTY Capital