From beaches and islands to pristine coves, learn all the places and things you can do on a Porto boat rental.

Porto is one of the main tourist hubs in Portugal, welcoming hundreds of visitors each year. It’s situated on the north side of the country along the Douro River, giving the place a diverse panorama and wide range of activities, but all the action takes place on the coast. Porto is acclaimed for its vibrant culture, outstanding architecture, and delicious food scene.

It’s usually described as a high-energy atmosphere for parties and nightlife, but beyond that, Porto is a place of charm, culture, and breathtaking sights suitable for a relaxing vacation. The city of Porto has something unique for all tastes, from cultural and historical attractions to its stunning artistic expression and street art.

But one of the city's biggest draws is it offers a huge amount of stunning beaches, miles and miles of sand, sun, and water. That’s why one of the essential things to do is rent a boat with Click&Boat, one of the leading boat rental platforms, where you can freely choose from sailboats, catamarans, to motorboats and more. You can also choose the time, from only a few hours to a day or even a week.

That’s why I'm going to list some of the best things you can do on a Porto boat rental, covering activities on board, beaches, coves, and places to check.

Best Things to Do in Porto

Stroll Around the City

The first thing I highly recommend doing is exploring Porto's highlights, strolling around the city, and visiting some of the top attractions.

A good place to start and a must-visit while in Porto is the Livraria Lello, a bookstore that dates back to the year 1869 with a unique architecture that will leave you speechless. It’s situated in the historic city centre.

Also, if you like checking out religious settlements, Porto has a wide range of interesting buildings like the Porto Cathedral, the Clerigos Church and Tower, and Igreja do Carmo, among others. All of them offer amazing architecture and a lot of history.

On the other hand, you have other historical landmarks like Bolsa Palace and several parks to spend some time in. The most popular parks are Parque da Cidade do Porto, Quinta do Covelo, and Parque de São Roque.

Beaches and Coves

While the city has a ton of beaches and coves to explore, the first thing you need to do on your Porto boat rental is sail away to the Douro River, that way you’ll enjoy the city from a different perspective and check out places like the Vila Nova de Gaia from the river.

Next, you can start beach hopping, and the best place to start that journey will be Praia do Carneiro, which is the closest one to the river. Continue your boat trip to Praia de Espinho, situated in Espinho, 20 min away from the city centre. After that, head to Praia da Sereia, a popular yellow-sanded beach in Vila Nova de Gaia. Also, in the same area, you’ll find Praia do Senhor da Pedra, which has an interesting house on the rocks near the beach.

Boat Activities

Of course, if you get a boat rental in Porto, you need to spend some time on it while enjoying some of the activities it has to offer. Take time to relax and enjoy your trip, getting from place to place, sunbathing, or reading.

Also, you can enjoy some water activities since many of the boats come with different amenities. You can do snorkelling, wakeboarding, or water skiing.