“Following the recent news about a possible substantial reduction in air capacity on Ryanair's domestic routes in the winter IATA 2023/24, to the Azores, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ponta Delgada reinforces its position regarding the need to maintain said routes, with levels of capacity suited to demand”, says the organisation, in a press release.

For the CCIPD, “this is the only way it is possible not to jeopardise all the work that has been carried out in the fight against seasonality, which promotes sustainable tourism development, which is, in fact, one of the pillars on which the PEMTA - Strategic and Development Plan is based. Azores Tourism Marketing”.

Also according to the CCIPD, losing installed air capacity to the Azores in winter could contribute to “an unequivocal destruction of value in the development of the tourism sector” in the region and will translate, in the short term, to a setback with a direct impact on all the players who, after an “unexpected and profound” crisis, need to grow and consolidate their businesses.

The CCIP also adds that the economic operators of tourism in the Azores are already signalling "an abrupt drop in bookings" for November, "which is largely due to the non-existence of Ryanair flights for sale 'online'".

The organisation estimates that the eventual reduction in Ryanair's operation could cause the loss of 50 to 70 jobs at the hub in Ponta Delgada, considering that this will represent “clear evidence of the loss of competitiveness of the Azores destination and a clear lack of tourism promotion" of the region.