In a statement, Anacom mentions that these "violations of the rules are applicable to the termination of contracts".

The regulator explains that it imposed a single fine of €117,500 on MEO as a legal sum for having found that the company had failed to comply, in five situations, with rules applicable to the construction, access and installation of electronic communications networks and infrastructures".

"There are four administrative offenses for MEO not having used the telecommunications infrastructure already installed in the buildings, having made changes to the infrastructure in question, when these allowed supporting the services to be provided and the technology to be made available, and an administrative offense for having connected the building's telecommunications infrastructure to the public communications networks on a date prior to the issuance of the respective term of responsibility for the execution of the installation".

Anacom points out that "the adopted conducts call into question the proper functioning of electronic communications services, legally considered as essential services, insofar as changes were made to already installed infrastructures that were suitable for the provision of services and because a telecommunications infrastructures of a building to the public communications network without having previously issued, by a duly accredited installer, the respective term of responsibility for execution".