According to TVI Extra, the singer was spotted in the early hours of Thursday, 17 August at the door of the Palácio do Grilo, located in the middle of the city of Lisbon.

Madonna invited several well-known singers to mark the date with her, including Soraia Ramos.

The first birthday dinner took place at the restaurant 100 Maneiras, by chef Ljubomir Stanisic, at the end of Tuesday night. Marvin Gofin, Madonna's dancer, shared a video on Instagram that shows the singer blowing out the candles at midnight, then uttering the following words: "Will I wake up tomorrow, yes or no? I'm kidding. It's great to be alive ".

Afterwards, Madonna went with friends and family to Tejo Bar, in Alfama.

The second party took place at Palácio do Grilo, with the 'TVI Extra' program recording, already close to 1am, the arrival of several guests.