For the last chance to dive into the multi-sensory experience of “Frida Kahlo, an Immersive Biography,” tickets will exceptionally be available for a discounted price of 9€, allowing even more people to visit and revisit the acclaimed exhibition.

Born in Mexico on July 6th, 1907, Frida Kahlo was a woman ahead of her time, in life as in art. Recognised posthumously, she nowadays assumes the status of a social, artistic and cultural icon who transcends borders and generations, and whose story continues to inspire people around the world.

The “Frida Kahlo, an Immersive Biography” exhibition, the result of a partnership between Immersivus Gallery, OCUBO atelier, the Frida Kahlo Corporation, the Ideal Barcelona gallery and the Layers of Reality creative studio, propagates the artist’s rich, authentic and tumultuous life in an unedited form through immersive and interactive installations that place visitors in the centre of the Frida Kahlo experience.

Divided into two parts, the exposition starts with a wander through different multimedia artistic instalments, where it’s possible to live the virtual reality and create a personalised model of Frida Kahlo. After that, the public is immersed into a 360º audiovisual show in the heart of the Mãe DÁguas das Amoreiras Cistern, guided by the most definitive moments in the artist’s personal journey.

According to Edoardo Canessa, Immersivus Gallery Executive Producer, “In this exhibition it’s possible to live the world of Frida in all its complexity and ambiguity, in an innovative, close and impactful form. The life and work of Frida inspire many people, which, together with the combination of History, Art and Technology, has reflected in very significant drawing in of people, in the national debut in Porto just as in the capital, where this immersive and interactive show was seen, for example, by hundreds of local schoolchildren.”

He highlighted that “In Portugal we receive, as of now, a total of 95 thousand visitors from the world over. In these last few days, in the middle of Summer, we invite both whoever hasn’t had the chance to see the exposition and those who want to relive the unforgettable journey through this vibrant universe of one of the most influential women of all time.”

“Frida Kahlo, an Immersive Biography” can be visited from Tuesday to Friday from 4:30pm onwards, and on Saturday and Sunday starting from 3:30pm, with tickets costing 9€. Tickets can be bought through the platform.