In the ranking carried out by, regarding the best destinations for an autumn getaway, the city of Lisbon appears in second place, with 94 points, only surpassed by Barcelona (98 points).

The 2023 ranking places Lisbon up one place compared to the same analysis made for the same period in 2022, in which Budapest led, followed by Barcelona, with Berlin and Copenhagen appearing in fourth and fifth place, respectively.

Regarding Lisbon,'s analysis says that the city "is home to 455 budget hotels and has the highest average temperature from September to November of all cities examined (18° Celsius)".

It should be noted that in the ranking for autumn this year, after Barcelona and Lisbon, destinations such as Berlin (89 points), Budapest (85 points), Gdansk (81 points), Amsterdam (79 points), Copenhagen (73 points) and Bilbao (68 points) appear.

To prepare this ranking, analyses aspects such as proximity to the airport, the average cost of a flight (from Heathrow), the average cost of a week's stay in a hotel, the average cost of car hire (for a week ), number of 'cheap' restaurants or number of 'economic' hotels.