Remember that we are still very much feeling the biggest and closest Full Super Moon of the year in Pisces on August 31. If you are a Pisces Sun, Moon or Ascendant you may feel this particularly strongly. Keep a dream journal if you don’t already, and when you wake up before you move or open your eyes, try to recall your dreams - then write them down. If you move or open your eyes, the dreams will just evaporate and you can’t catch them.

As the Moon is much closer to the Earth in its orbit to form the Full Super Moon, this has a much greater pull on the tectonic plates but also on our psyches. In addition to that, Uranus, the planet most associated with earthquakes, volcanos and extreme Earth and weather events has been very highlighted since mid-August, and it is very clear what the Earth has experienced since then, with many extreme fire situations in Maui, Greece, Turkey, Sardinia, California, and others. Therefore this can all increase the seismic potential for this period in early September.

Flooding may also be highlighted as we move into September, as the Full Super Moon is in Pisces, ruled by Neptune God of the Seas.

Also at this Full Super Moon in Pisces, the Moon is exactly aspecting a dwarf planet called MakeMake. This planet in myth is linked to the Great Sea Spirit, the creator god of Easter Island, the Rapa Nui people. The Island despite having no water supply had a thriving ecosystem and agriculture and had a healthy population of several thousand people for centuries. Then beginning in the 17th century European sailors arrived. They brought diseases like smallpox with them, rats escaped onto the island from their ships, and they also cut down many of the trees and pillaged the island, even taking some people as slaves. By the late 1880s, the population of Easter Island was down to 111 people apparently. So MakeMake in myth is linked to pandemics and depopulation, as well as ecological disasters. However, from those desperate circumstances, the people managed to turn that situation around, and back to a thriving community. So it is also linked to regeneration, a sense of returning the right balance to nature.

Higher consciousness

Over the last 20 years, several of what are called ‘dwarf planets’ way out in deep space beyond the orbit of Pluto have been discovered, and they represent a higher octave of consciousness for us. Many of them are about being in the right balance with nature, the end of pillaging and destruction, and starting to care for the Earth and hold nature sacred. This will be our direction of travel in evolutionary terms, and many groups are already forming to help this to happen.

Through July and August, you may have been rethinking and reviewing your finances and your relationships, where you feel that you are no longer ‘on the same wavelength’ with others, and they may start to drift out of your life. This will be ongoing, and accept that people don’t travel with us for the whole journey, often only part of the journey.

Issues around fairness in society will come up more and more strongly this month, as well as demands for truth, justice, and greater equality in society. Intensity (that word again!) is likely to increase as we are already within the influence of the Eclipses in October. If people feel that they have been misled in any way by those in power, they will feel more demanding and revolutionary, potentially, than they have ever felt. So there may be many protests and demonstrations around the world.


Then we have our fourth Full Super Moon of the year at 6° Aries on September 29. So again the Moon is very close in its orbit to the Earth. See where what is coming to culmination, closure, or completion in your life at this time.

The energy here is dynamic and action-oriented. It is warrior energy, focused, single-pointed, energetic, speedy, impatient and impulsive with a strong theme around individual sovereignty too. The keywords for Aries are ‘I am’.

It’s hard to overstate how dramatic this may be in terms of tension between individual power and sovereignty and the clash with old systems of power.

We are in a massive evolutionary period where we are moving away from old top-down structures of government and corporations, a vertical social and political structure, towards something more ‘horizontal’.

This will be developing over the next few years, but increasingly our societies will be operating from the grassroots up, communities, collaboration, and networks, as a kind of social structure.

Many of you may be feeling the intensity of all this. Try to stay in peace, and welcome in the evolutionary changes.

Blessings to you all.


Pam Gregory has been involved with astrology for over 45 years, and runs a very busy astrology practice. She has a popular YouTube channel with updates and interviews, is the author of two best-selling books, You Don’t Really Believe in Astrology, Do You? and How to Co-Create using the Secret Language of the Universe. Pam offers several teaching videos available from her website: and also writes a long monthly newsletter.

She is no longer doing client work as she is focused on helping the collective through this huge spiritual transformation. As well as YouTube you’ll find her on Unifyd, MeWe and Facebook with regular astrology updates.’

Pam Gregory