“Parliament will rule on my veto. The PS has already said that it intended to maintain exactly what it was, but it is the opposition's job to propose negotiations for possible changes”, he told journalists at the Belém Book Fair.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa said that he considers both positions to be good. “One still wants to introduce changes and the other wants to keep it as it is. If it stays as it is, we will see that in two or three weeks it will be returned to the President, who is obliged to promulgate it, but then there is the second part of the story.”

The head of state stressed that “the housing diploma needs regulation and will come into my hands”. “What seems like a closed case is not a closed case,” he said.

On August 21, despite not seeing any unconstitutional rule in the Mais Habitação legislative package, the President of the Republic chose to veto the diploma that came from the Government and was approved by the Assembly of the Republic.

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