Golfer Tiago Sousa from Paul McGinley Academy in Quinta do Lago tragically lost his life in an accident along with 5 of his teammates and coach on March 15, 2022, while returning from a college golf tournament in the United States.

It was an event that took place for all families, it featured 108 players, the youngest at 7 years old and the oldest at over 60 years old. The players came from several countries such as Ireland, Scotland, England, South Africa, Portugal and two players from Canada, one of them a survivor of the accident.

The funds raised will start the 'Tiago Sousa Golf Project' - a project with the collaboration of the Portuguese Golf Federation, which aims to provide golf professionals with the opportunity to bring school children closer to the game of golf.

Sean Moriarty, CEO of the resort, said: "This tournament was a way for Tiago to continue to contribute to helping the kids with his legacy and to remember the passion he had for this fantastic sport."

Kenneth Starreveld, organiser of the event, shared: "We want to thank Quinta do Lago for supporting us and giving us the option to organise this 1st Memorial Golf Tournament for Tiago. We are happy and proud with the result of the event because a first year with 108 players is incredible and the support we received from Quinta do Lago has been incredible and also that of our sponsors (One Greenway, Hilton Hotels, Designer Outlet Algarve and Ecco shoes and many more) who made the difference to create something special, not forgetting Paul McGinley and the Golf Academy.

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"This event showed us that the memory of Tiago will remain forever and the dimension of his passion for this sport. We couldn't be prouder of the result and every minute we dedicated to this event was a pleasure, to keep the memory of Tiago alive. The good news is that we'll be back next year. With the team, Quinta do Lago and the rest we have created a great new event that will last for years," says Kenneth Starreveld.

The mission to help and make a difference is very present in the resort and so on August 27, there will be another Q Care Golf Tournament as a way of thanking all the firefighters who work tirelessly to keep everyone safe from forest fires. This tournament aims to raise funds through this competition to help local entities in their fight against future forest fires in the Algarve and South Alentejo.

This tournament is for teams of 4 players, the registration fee is € 1000 and will be at Quinta do Lago Sul – elected the best course in Europe in the World Golf Awards, and also awarded this year as Best Course in Portugal by Publituris.

The Q Care Program is Quinta do Lago's social responsibility program and has been a major focus of the resort. Sean Moriarty says, "This project doesn't exist to get recognition, but rather to define the mindset of the resort."