In Vilamoura, an investment of 12 million euros is planned to complete around 12 kilometres of piping to the seaside resort's Waste Water Treatment Plant by 2025, for the irrigation of five golf courses (Old Course, Pinhal, Laguna, Millenium, Victoria) and irrigation of green spaces, among others.

In Quinta do Lago, the investment amounts to 2.7 million euros, also to complete in 2025 the expansion of the irrigation system for three more golf courses - Quinta do Lago Norte, Quinta do Lago Sul, and Pinheiros Altos

“This is a large part of the objective that we have established to make use of recycled water”, said the Minister of the Environment, also recalling the launch of ongoing environmental impact studies for the construction projects of a desalination plant in the municipality of Albufeira, as well as the connection to Pomarão (water transfer from the Guadiana to the Odeleite dam).

Regarding the project to build another dam in the Algarve, on the Foupana River, the minister was clear: “For now, what is a commitment is [carrying out] a study”.

According to figures provided by Duarte Cordeiro “overall water consumption in the Algarve decreased [until August] compared to last year by around 5.0 hectometres, agricultural and urban consumption”.

“I think we are all working and we can work better. We are all aware that we still have a lot of work to do in raising people's awareness and we can all achieve even more results with this awareness”.