The event takes place in Sagres, Vila do Bispo municipality, between October 5th and 8th, and sign-ups are already open.

Those interested can visit the initiative’s site and choose from over 200 activities thought up for nature lovers and families, many of them free, some of which “sold out right at the launch” of the program, which happened September 5th.

Beyond the novelties, this year’s edition also maintains the previously existing offer of “birdwatching activities, boat trips to observe birds and dolphins, walks, workshops (photography and illustration, for example) and newer challenges,” according to the Vila do Bispo council, who organised the event in partnership with the Portuguese Society for Bird Studies (SPEA) and the Almargem Association.

“This time of year, thousands of birds fly over the Algarve on route to their Winter grounds in Africa, amounting to a show deserving of a festival. Among them are the white-fronted redstart, the headliner this year,” they add.

“In the Autumn, white-fronted redstarts that nest in our country gather with those coming from the North and they head to Africa to pass the Winter, and for many their path passes over Sagres. To witness this spectacle, hundreds of birdwatchers converge on this place too, gathering at this festival that’s become a regular mark of the calendar for many families,” the local government concluded.