"It's a dream come true. We couldn't have better partners. A great businessman and the best sportsman in the world", Ricardo Oliveira, president of the FPP, told Lusa.

According to Oliveira, this is a "winning bet" and will allow an "even greater leap" in the sport, which already has around 250,000 practitioners in Portugal.

"It will be a strong investment, over five million euros. But, the Padel City is here to stay", highlighted Ricardo Oliveira, who pointed to the inauguration of the infrastructure, unique in Portugal, for the first half of 2025.

The FPP leader also highlighted the importance that the Oeiras City Council, led by Isaltino Morais, had in the process.

"Without them it wouldn't be possible. Cidade do Padel, alongside Jamor, couldn't be better", he pointed out, highlighting that, currently, "Portugal is a world power" in the sport and that, with the completion of this project it will be even bigger.

Cidade do Padel will be built on a plot of land measuring 15 thousand square meters and will have 17 courts, specified Ricardo Oliveira.

"It will be able to host a European Championship, a World Cup, events of a global dimension. The importance of Padel City is huge, especially if we think that it is a recent sport", he highlighted.