Blacktower offer financial advisory services, successfully responding to the demands of the sector and taking into account the complexity of modern times, financial uncertainty, economic cycles, ever-changing needs of investors’ interests and the constant changes in both national and international laws. The experience Blacktower team have amassed many years of experience in financial services and have become a part of the expatriate community in order to gain a full and clear understanding of what is required to live or retire abroad.

Group Managing Director, John Westwood, has over 30 years’ of experience in the financial services industry and has led the Blacktower Group into the International Market, whereby they opened their first non-UK office in Portugal’s Algarve region in 2000.

John Westwood told The Portugal News “Blacktower Financial Management Group has a rich history that spans decades. Since our inception, we've been dedicated to offering bespoke financial advice tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Over the years, we've expanded our presence across Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Caribbean, and most recently, we're excited to venture into Dubai. Our growth has been driven by our commitment to excellence and our genuine dedication to our clients' financial well-being.”

When asked about the company’s core foundation, John Westwood affirmed that “At the heart of Blacktower's ethos is a commitment to integrity, a client-first approach, and continuous learning. We were built upon the foundation of providing transparent, informed, and tailored financial advice. Our mission has always been to guide our clients through complex financial landscapes with ease, ensuring that they make informed decisions every step of the way.

Blacktower stand out due to the way in which they “recognise the unique financial challenges expats face when moving across borders. Our multilingual team of experts specialises in international financial planning, ensuring that our expatriate clients receive advice that is both locally relevant and globally informed. Moreover, events like "Better Living Better Life" highlight our dedication to helping expats navigate their financial futures.”

Commitment to Portugal

The Blacktower group work to ensure that their clients living in the Algarve receive the financial products and services that best advance their financial objectives and circumstances. With an office in the heart of Portugal’s Algarve, their independent financial advisers can ensure that all of your inheritance tax planning, pension planning, pension transfer schemes, and savings and investments are in safe hands.

John Westwood went on to share “Our connection to Portugal is rooted in our understanding of the region's potential as both a retirement destination and an investment hub. The Algarve, with its appealing lifestyle, climate, and investment-friendly environment, emerged as a promising locale for our clients. Recognizing this, we decided to expand there in 2000 to cater to the increasing demand for expert financial guidance in the region.”

When asked about the reception Blacktower has received from the community, John Westwood expressed that “Our journey in the Algarve has been both rewarding and inspiring. Over the years, we've been humbled by the positive reception from the Algarve community. Our consistent efforts to provide value, coupled with our engagement in community-oriented events and initiatives, have solidified our bond with the people. We've always aimed to be more than just a financial service provider; we wanted to be an integral part of the community's growth and well-being. The recent nomination for the Algarve Business of the Year Award is a testament to this commitment and our ongoing efforts to serve and support the community.”

Making a Difference

When it comes to the future, Blacktower is always looking ahead. “Our recent move to establish a presence in the Dubai International Financial Centre is just one example. As for Portugal, it remains a significant focus for us, given the potential we see in the country. While I can't divulge specifics now, I can say that we are always exploring opportunities to further strengthen our presence in regions where we can make a difference.

The first of our Better Living Better Life events is taking place on September 13th and 14th at the illustrious W Hotel in Albufeira. We’re looking forward to kickstarting these events in Portugal, with plans for other events around the world in the future.”

If you would like to hear from their experts on the range of great benefits to living in Portugal, from the benefits of NHR to ensuring peace of mind through estate planning. Post-session, attendees are invited to the W garden for further discussions and networking with our experts and other expats. Register for this no-cost event at

The Blacktower Group’ specialist and independent advice will give you the confidence needed when it comes to securing your financial future. You can get in touch with them by calling (+351) 214 648 220 or by emailing