In this area of Lisbon, which covers Príncipe Real, Rato and the streets near Avenida da Liberdade, the price per square metre amounts, on average, to €5,826.

The Spanish publication, which is based on a study by the American agency Evernest, highlights that this Lisbon parish has “attracted investors” because it has “several old residential buildings” that are now “being rehabilitated”.

With these values, the parish of Santo António is in the “league” of neighbourhoods such as Kensington and Chelsea, prime areas of London, where the value per square metre is the highest in Europe, reaching an average of 22 thousand euros.

Among the highlighted areas is the first district of Vienna, in the historic area of the city, where prices are 19,826 euros per square meter. In the VIII district of Paris, which covers the right bank of the Seine and several tourist sites, such as the Champs-Elysées, the average is 19,425 euros per square meter.

In Milan's artists' neighbourhood (Brera), house prices rise to 11,206 euros per square meter. In the modern area of Pijp (Amsterdam), the price per square meter is set at 8,691 euros. Finally, in Mitte, in Berlin, where the restaurants and cafes frequented by politicians and artists are located, the cost is 8,360 euros.

In Spain, on the list of the most expensive neighbourhoods in Europe are the Salamanca area, in Madrid, where the value of houses is 7,488 euros per square meter, and Sarrià – Sant Gervasi in Barcelona with 6,054 euros per square metre.

Finally, before the Lisbon parish, there is the Kolonaki neighbourhood, in Athens, where five-star hotels, galleries and many well-known restaurants are located, where the value of houses reaches 6,500 euros per square metre.