Between September 15th and October 15th, the Algarve is hosting the 13th edition of “Rota do Petisco”, a gastronomic festival that celebrates traditional snacks and regional sweets.

With more than 170 participating establishments, spread across 11 Algarve municipalities, this event promises to satisfy the most demanding palates at affordable prices.

The “Rota do Petisco” challenges participating restaurants and cafes to reinvent traditional dishes from the region. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore a varied range of regional snacks and sweets, with the option to choose vegetarian versions. Prices start from €2.50 per delicacy.

To enjoy this gastronomic festival, those interested must purchase the “Rota do Petisco” passport for just €1.50. With this passport, participants can collect stamps at different establishments, allowing them to taste a wide selection of traditional dishes and sweets.

In addition to access to Algarve flavours, the “Rota do Petisco” passport offers additional benefits.

Holders of this special passport can enjoy free entry to museums, free parking at selected locations and discounts on specific events.