According to data from SEF and reported by Lusa, in July, investment raised through the Residence Permit for Investment Activity (ARI) also known as the golden visa program, totalled €57.2 million. This amount is 30% more than a year before but 27% less than the €79.8 million recorded in June in Portugal.

In July, the country with the most citizens obtaining a golden visa in Portugal was the USA, with 16 permits granted during the month.

SEF data shows that following the USA, it was then the Philippines 13, the United Kingdom 10 and then Brazil and South Africa with nine each.

In July, a total of 61 golden visas were granted under the criteria for acquiring real estate, representing a total of €41 million, of which €7.8 million in investment through the programme corresponded to purchases for urban rehabilitation.

Requests for the granting and renewal of residence permits for investment activities remain valid, including those that are "pending prior control procedures in the Municipal Chambers" on the date the law comes into force.

The granting or renewal of residence permits for family reunification is also excluded from the adopted limitation.