"We can think of some ways to mitigate the disaster that will result from this, but it is clear that, unless the law is complied with, the practical result will be that most owners will stop putting their houses on the market", said the president of the ALP , Menezes Leitão.

"Saying that we are going back to the freeze, the result will be dramatic," added the leader of the association, indicating that he will convey this message at the meeting with the Government scheduled for Thursday.


The Ministry of Housing called the owners' and tenants' associations, as well as the UGT and CGTP, to meetings on the 21st and 22nd with the aim of hearing from stakeholders about the update of rents for 2024 and the new rules for rental contracts prior to 1990.

“What they told us is that they were going to listen to all the owners' associations together, so we don't think the meeting would have any use or any results," said Menezes Leitão.

For the president of the ALP, the meeting with the Minister of Housing, Marina Gonçalves, "is to meet the schedule" because, he added, "the Government's position is completely in favour of the tenants."

The general secretary of the Lisbon Tenants Association (AIL), António Machado, said that he will inform the minister that he rejects a new increase in rents.

"Our proposal for an increase is zero", stated António Machado, noting that rents increased by more than 30% in the last year.

The AIL leader indicated that he will suggest the creation of a support line "for landlords who prove to be in need, as was done for rents".

According to a statement from the Housing Minister's office, the Government will meet on the 21st and 22nd with the various sector associations and trade unions to discuss and analyse topics related to updating rents for 2024 and with lease prior to 1990.

"The Government wants to listen to the various stakeholders in the sector to consider the effects that estimated inflation for next year will have on the rental market", can be read in the office note.