According to a Climáximo statement, young people linked to this organisation and Scientist Rebellion were involved, who arrived at FIL at around 10:00, painted the walls of the space red and displayed a banner with the message “They are killing us” .

Meanwhile, another group interrupted a conference on the future of the aviation industry in which executives from several airlines were present, including TAP, accusing them of being responsible for “thousands of deaths caused by the climate crisis".

“Corporations, governments and the ultra-rich are deliberately killing and evicting tens of thousands of people around the world. They know what they are doing, and yet they will not stop burning fossil fuels, flying in their private jets, building more hotels and planning more airports”, said Inês Teles, an activist at Climáximo.

The note released by Climáximo also revealed that five activists were identified at the scene by the Public Security Police (PSP).