The Non-Profit Association WallRide is proud to announce the remarkable results achieved during its second year of work (June 2022/June 2023). During this period, the Association continued to grow and achieve its goals, while also strengthening its team and its presence among local and regional communities.

Remaining true to its vision of promoting social and community work through the lens of skateboarding, WallRide saw a significant increase in the number of skateboarders, associations, movements, and skate-related infrastructure at the local and regional levels. Additionally, municipalities in the Algarve have shown an increased confidence in the transformative and regenerative potential of skateboarding, recognizing it as a valuable tool for improving the quality of life for those involved in skate culture.

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WallRide has also identified challenges related to the lack of human and financial investment in skate spaces and projects, often mistakenly perceived solely as sports facilities rather than community centers. However, the Association has demonstrated that skateparks and other related facilities are places where skills in various areas, including arts, academics, and health, are developed while providing a safe environment for the less privileged layers of society to grow and assert themselves.

Author: Association WallRide ;

The practice of skateboarding and the associated spaces are increasingly established as informal institutions that promote the creation, protection, and development of functional, participatory, and supportive citizens. The diversity of influences and references related to skateboarding makes it accessible to individuals from all social, economic, and personal backgrounds, resulting in a multicultural community built on the principles of solidarity and community individualism.

During the second year of work at WallRide, the Association continued to adhere to its values of equality and social justice, expanding its reach and impact, and its board members and directors represent the diversity associated with skateboarding, continuing to inspire individuals from different backgrounds.

WallRide also takes pride in its departments, including the WallRide Skate School, WallRide Constructions, South Girl Skate, Lodo Zine, WallRide Events, WallRide Community, and WallCarve, which play fundamental roles in promoting skateboarding, building infrastructure, supporting gender minorities, and promoting the culture and art associated with skateboarding, as well as developing a cohesive community.

The WallRide Association aims at continuing to promote skateboarding as a tool for social and community transformation, expanding access to skateboarding, and building an inclusive and supportive community. WallRide thanks all partners, members, volunteers, and supporters who have made this second year of work possible and looks forward to continuing to make a difference in the communities it serves.

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