“We see enormous potential in the Serra da Estrela territories”, highlighted Chris Lennon, president of Empowered Startups, during a session held at Seia City Hall.

“We want to be partners in attracting investment and qualified people who can then create companies with global potential. These territories have a lot to gain from the work we do.”

The company presented the work it has developed in Portugal to attract foreign direct investment, entrepreneurs and highly qualified professionals.

In the region, the multinational already has a partnership with the Instituto Politécnico da Guarda and the Universidade da Beira Interior, which announced ongoing projects.

For the president of Seia City Council, Luciano Ribeiro, the partnership with Empowered “will help create critical mass in the region”.

The mayor highlighted that it is possible to value the region's higher education institutions and invest in the region.

Innovation ecosystem

And at the end of the line, “companies can be created that are located in the region and an innovation ecosystem can be created attracting people from all over the world”.

Luciano Ribeiro highlighted that the goal is to increase the number of technology-based companies in the region and that it can “have more residents, either from those who are already here and will remain or from those who want to settle here”.

The multinational, with an office in Évora, has brought highly qualified professionals to the country with experience in entrepreneurship and the ability to invest and lead businesses.

“These entrepreneurs and businesspeople directly finance scientific research projects and, with the results, create new products, services and solutions. With this work, Empowered opens doors to the creation of new exporting companies, creating qualified jobs in the interior of the country”, added the multinational.

Empowered has already partnered with 12 higher education institutions across the country.