The 2023 campaign for the Historic Train on the Douro Line started on July 8th and ends on October 29th.

“We will have a profitability of more than 180 thousand euros, while last year there was a loss of more than 30 thousand euros”, said Pedro Moreira.

Positive results that, as he explained, result from a reformulation of the tourist product that “involved a lot of work” by the internal teams of CP - Comboios de Portugal and its different departments, from the areas of maintenance, operations, commercial and communications.

“They optimised this product and it became profitable and just with the trips we have sold so far, which tells us is that we will have a profitability of over 180 thousand euros”, he pointed out.

The Douro Historic Train program started at the end of the 90s.

The train travels through the UNESCO World Heritage Site, between the stations of Peso da Régua (district of Vila Real) and Tua (district of Bragança), stopping in the village of Pinhão (Alijó).

This year a partnership was made with the municipalities of Peso da Régua, Alijó and Carrazeda de Ansiães, within which, and to promote the region, products such as glasses of Port wine or Favaios muscatel are offered on board the train, as well as like traditional sweets.

“We are involving the region more, making the train more attractive and also offering more services compared to the previous year. It is being a genuine success”, highlighted the person in charge, who also highlighted the partnerships with tourism agencies.

The rail tourism experience is being integrated into other tourist packages, which include boat trips and stays in the region.