“Bilateral relations are excellent and very deep, especially on the economic side. We have a very strong Nokia presence in Portugal and now we have many technology startups (...), but also consolidated companies. There is real growth”, stated Elina Valtonen, in an interview with Lusa in Helsinki.

Regarding the Finnish technology company, which has around 3,000 employees in Portugal, where it opened a new research and development centre last year, the government official assessed this presence as “excellent” and highlighted that “it is probably also the choice of employees because it’s a pleasant place to work.”

“Politically, I think it is surprising how much we find ourselves in sync in the European Union, despite being geographically so far away”, considered the minister, adding: “There is a lot we can do to deepen our relations”.

The government official, in office since June, said she “looks forward” to visiting Portugal in her new role, which, she said, has not yet been possible due to the war in Ukraine.