Although some folks swear by percale, others enjoy the softness of Sateen, that has a silkier, softer feel. Cotton is cool & fresh for the summer. Easy to launder because its easy to remove stains & germs. Unlike some of the sheets that are deemed as ecological, they are not sustainable because you cannot remove stains easily or wash over 30 or 40 when you need to. So buy a sheet that will last for years and years.

If you’re not sure which cotton you’d prefer suggests thinking back to a set of sheets you’ve loved in the past and identifying what made you like them so much. You’ll likely be able to figure out which kind of cotton they were made from by matching their feel to the description of either percale or sateen.

When it comes to sheets, it turns out that high-quality cotton is as important look for thread count, products that can wash up to 60. This way you can wash at 30 until you need to wash at 60. Germs are removed at the temperature of 60 so its pretty important to look at the washing label. Wash at 60 sheets are often a “long-staple cotton” which means its been grown in a location where cotton grows well. Egypt, Indonesia and made where they know how to weave good quality sheets. uses hotel manufacturers in Portugal with the best reputation for making Hotel Quality sheets. Infact the biggest manufacturers in Europe.

Fibres grown in the right environment with no pollution or pesticides, they make the smoothest, softest, and strongest sheets. You don’t have to fork out a fortune to find Quality, there are long-lasting durable products at a price that don’t make you lose sleep.

Touch the sheets in person, if you can. You can only determine so much while shopping online—sometimes, you need to feel the sheets between your fingers to decide what’s right for you. You may think you want a pair of percale sheets but then be charmed by the sateen. By testing out sheets in-store, you’ll be prepared to buy the sheets that you know you’ll love once online. Find a store that has a physical shop and online then you can feel the products in store and buy and buy more online when you are ready.

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How to choose the right weight duvet in the sale

Choose the right weight. Sleeping with the right Down Duvet can feel like the height of luxury, But if its too hot, then it’s a lot of money wasted. When looking here are some ideas for how to sleep in Portugal.

  • when you go buying a duvet whether its online or in-store, where does that retail company originate from? There are three big retailers in Portugal that sell duvets that are actually suitable for their cold countries. So if you like being really hot ideal buy a 10.5 tog duvet.
  • Don’t choose the same duvet that you had at your home in the country you originate from if you come from a cold country. Think lighter think 4.5 tog.
  • Getting the temperature right does not have to involve having two duvets. Consider a summer 4,5 tog duvet and when its colder put a bedspread on.
  • Whats an all-seasons duvet, it’s 2 duvets that you can join together, ideal for hot countries but not Portugal. Most All seasons duvets are a 4.5 tog Plus a 10.5 tog.
  • Linen etc have duvets designs to join together. So you can customise your duvet temperature. We find a 4.5 tog joined with a 4.5 tog the best temperature for thioe cooler nights in Portugal. We have a system that enables to put together just what you want. Now that’s a money saver

Decide on a down or down alternative. Though a good down Duvet is hard to beat, many people lean toward down alternative instead: A down-alternative comforter is not only more affordable but also a good choice if you’re allergic to down or you avoid animal products. Choose an eco down-alternative comforter that breathes well, Microfibre or cotton-covered.

Finding the right duvet cover will save you money as it protects a duvet from dust and dirt. A cover not only extends the life of your Duvet but also makes it easier to customize your comforter’s warmth and change up your bedding style. Just like with sheets, picking the right duvet cover hinges on finding the fabric type that works best for you.

Making the right choice by choosing Linen-etc which not only stock the best quality at the best prices but has the right product for the warmer country with a team trained to offer advice if required.