According to the source, the bad weather in the Algarve, namely “crosswinds with gusts approaching 50 knots (around 100 kilometres per hour), affected air take-off and landing operations”.

Due to the wind speed, “many aircraft commanders chose not to land or take off”, highlighted the source.

However, the improvement in weather conditions allowed the operation to "fully reopen" at 4:50pm.

The intense rain and strong winds caused small floods, falling trees and some structures throughout the region, mainly affecting the eastern Algarve area, a Civil Protection source told Lusa.

Speaking to Lusa, the regional commander of the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority (ANEPC), Richard Marques, said that, up to 5pm, a total of 224 incidents had been recorded, 145 corresponding to falling trees, 47 floods, 24 structure falls and some earth movements.

"Faro was the most affected municipality so far, where 71 incidents were recorded", he specified.

According to Richard Marques, "There is no record of any victims or personal injuries resulting from the bad weather".