This timeline was shared by Mariana Vieira da Silva at a press conference, at the end of the Council of Ministers, following a hearing proposed by the PSD in which it is alleged that, just a few days before this agency takes office, there are still “no statutes or headquarters”.

The PSD considers that there is “great confusion surrounding the process of abolishing the Foreigners and Borders Service” (SEF), highlighting that AIMA “works in a very sensitive area”.

For the PS, deputy Susana Amador defended that this is a “very complex and comprehensive reform” that cannot be resolved “from one day to the next” and indicated that minister Ana Catarina Mendes has already said that “in the next few days the statutes and the headquarters will be announced”.

The vice president of the PS Parliamentary Group refused to “create any type of panic, alarm or say that it is confusing” and asked for “calm and serenity”.

On Monday, the Deputy Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Ana Catarina Mendes, who is in charge of this area, stated that the statutes of the new Agency for Integration, Migrations and Asylum will be published “in the next few days” and that the location of the headquarters has been decided and will be announced soon.

“I can reassure you that everything will be ready and, in the next few days, we will obviously have published the statutes and things will be working, with the certainty that there is a lot of work to continue doing, and we will be here to do it, with serenity”, emphasized the minister responsible for AIMA, following the end of the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF).