Low-cost petrol stations with better prices have been getting more popular in Spain with their self-service approach, where customers are responsible for all stages of refueling. Now, Spanish companies Petroprix and Plenoil are about to open low-cost petrol stations in the country.

According to Jornal de Notícias, the first petrol stations will be located in Covilhã and Águeda. The plan is ambitious, with the aim of opening 120 filling stations by 2027. The companies promise prices up to 15 cents lower than the "traditional market" options.

Petroprix revealed that there are plans to open 15 more petrol stations next year. In 2022, Petroprix reached the impressive mark of 700 million euros in sales, doubling the figure from the previous year.

These low-cost service stations offer consumers an alternative, especially at a time when fuel prices are constantly rising. The promise of lower prices can help ease the pressure on family budgets by making fuel more affordable.