"The Tavira Rally is going to be something new, not just for us, but for all the teams, and it's certainly going to be a huge challenge for us," said driver Armando Carvalho and his navigator Ana Santos.

The duo from Vila Nova de Poiares are already working hard for the Tavira Rally. "We've reached the final stretch of the championship just seven points behind our opponents and teammates, Fernando Teotónio and Luís Morgadinho," added the driver.

"We're fully aware of the difficulties our opponents will cause us, as they are very experienced and have already shown their worth, but we also know what we have to do and we only have ourselves to depend on in the fight for the title. The Tavira Rally will be approached with the utmost commitment, concentration and effort and we'll show what we know," he adds.

Held on dirt tracks, the Tavira Rally will take to the road on November 4 and 5 and will be 160.13km long, 60.42km of which will be timed.

The race will start at 9.05 pm with the Super Special (2.17km) and continue on Sunday the 5th with a triple pass through the 13.29km Conceição and a double pass through the 9.19km Eira da Palma. The final podium will take place at 16:00 next to the Tavira Municipal Market.