On Sunday morning, with coach Mário Coelho, LGP interpreter Elsa Silva will be leading the visit to the Leiria Museum, in what will be the first initiative of its kind and which is part of a program that foresees other actions aimed at deaf people.

Celebrating 106 years of creation and eight years of installation in its current facilities, in the former Convent of Santo Agostinho, the Leiria Museum told the Lusa agency that the objective is to create conditions for “greater accessibility, physical and intellectual, to equipment and projects cultural”, including “minority communities that are underrepresented in public space”.

The visit to LGP is another step to “foster the participation and inclusion of the entire community(ies) in cultural and artistic dynamics and practices in Leiria”.

Aimed at deaf and hearing people, the presentation of the museum's contents will follow the regular route, including the long-term exhibition and the temporary exhibition, “Corpus: Rituality, Form and Presence”, developed in partnership with the Diocese of Leiria-Fátima.

According to the Leiria Museum, more visits are planned to be carried out in LGP, on dates to be announced. Other actions involving translation into LGP are also planned, namely videos about the Leiria Museum and the Leiria Intercultural Dialogue Center, the book “A Criança do Lapedo” and the respective presentation video to schools.

The Leiria Museum's anniversary program begins on Saturday, with a tile construction workshop, led by Inês Bruto da Costa.

On Sunday, alongside the visit to LGP, there will be a concert as part of the “Capítulo” cycle, with Knot 3, a project by Selma Uamusse and Toni Fortuna, in the Chapter Room.

On Monday, the performance for families “The Lapedo Rebel”, by Inesa Markava and Laura Perdomo, is presented.

On the 15th, the anniversary of the cultural space, there will be a staged reading “Trocado por miúdos: Os Pés de Iria”, by Vânia Jordão, a presentation of the children's book “O passa do tempo”, with text by Luís Mourão and illustrations by Rui Pedro Lourenço, and also a commented concert with the Camerata do Orfeão de Leiria.

The celebration ends on the 16th, with the puppet theater “A casa da Árvore”, by Ângela Ribeiro.