UEFA's new financial regulations for entry into the Champions League only come into force in the 2025/26 season, but, if it were brought forward to the present, a third of the clubs would be eliminated, according to accounts from the Spanish newspaper El Economista.

The aforementioned regulation dictates that companies cannot spend more than 70% of revenues on wages, transfers and commissions to businesspeople, something that ten of the current participants are not complying with, including Benfica.

In addition to Benfica, Real Sociedad, Manchester City, Manchester United, Newcastle, Lazio, Napoli, Paris Saint-Germain, Lens and Copenhagen would immediately be 'barred' from entering the biggest European club competition.

FC Porto, for its part, would comply with the rule... albeit strictly, as it is currently spending 88 million euros on the squad under the orders of Sérgio Conceição, when revenues allow it to spend up to 99, 7 million euros.

Sporting de Braga should not face major problems in receiving a 'positive opinion' from the body that governs European football, given the positive reports it has been presenting.