Located in Lisbon, more specifically in Calçada Marquês de Abrantes, Alex mentions that the bookshop has “a lovely mix of mostly local customers, lots of people who have travelled from other parts of Lisbon to visit us, as well as tourists who happen upon the shop when they’re passing by.”

The books sold are all in English language in many different genres. Focusing on “excellence in writing and fresh thinking”, the founder of the Salted Book told The Portugal News that the shop aims to “stock widely and diversely, to get you out of the algorithm”, and lead people to read a book that they never heard of but ended up being necessary to read it.

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Alex considers that “a book shop is all about its curation”, thus the books available are only in English as it is the language of most of the Alex Holder’s books, mentioning that “it would be very hard to choose books in a language” that she does not read.

The books may only be acquired at the bookshop itself as the Salted Books workers want to provide the greatest shopping experience to their clients, in a place that also sells merchandise related to literature.


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