One of their goals has always been to be different in terms of technological opportunities South of the Tejo, aiming to attract qualified workers in the region, therefore minimising the need for relocation to the north, for example to Lisbon, or the immigration to foreign countries.

Logrise specialises in digital marketing, websites and consulting, social media management, ads, web designs, SEO services and e-commerce solutions, among others, to optimise the online presence of a company.

With this service it is possible to create any website and reach a wider range of people, helping businesses in this digital age.

The company took off for the Luxembourg Fair, as a part of their expansion plan, to present the software Octoki. “The platform is associated with the octopus, its tentacles, how it manages multiple tasks and assets”, Co-founder and CEO Ricardo Viegas told The Portugal News.

The software was uniquely developed for business management, allowing companies to create proposals that can be tracked and personalised with ease. It also features customer management, where you can keep track of customers' contact information, interaction history and preferences, and project management, which centralises all projects in one place, tracking the progress and the deadlines. This is a secure platform that protects your data.

It saves time, helping you automate many manual tasks and skipping administrative processes. By inputting your transactions, regular payments and to whom it might concern, it calculates what’s been paid and what’s missing and can alert the company or customer of any debts. Thus, freeing up your time to focus on more important things.

They were the only company from the South of Tejo in the technological field present at the fair.

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Another software they are developing is Xalavar, a platform that assesses bookings and serves as a dynamic pricing software for companies, such as when you book a hotel room or a flight, depending on the capacity of each activity, if it is at full capacity, 10 or 90 percent capacity, it suggests prices, discounts or increases that can be made accordingly.

Logrise is a company that is always looking to evolve and adapt to demand but also incorporates a bit of its roots, the Algarve, in its services.

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