Portugal reached a significant milestone by running exclusively on renewable energy for six days in a row, setting a new record. For 149 consecutive hours, the country produced more energy from renewable sources than it consumed. Portugal also managed to run out of natural gas for 131 hours and, for 95 of those hours, produced enough clean energy to export to Spain.

These achievements demonstrate the sustainable path that Portugal has maintained in the progressive integration of renewable sources, without compromising the security of the energy supply and the quality of the service. However, in order to fulfill the climate targets of the Paris Agreement by 2050, nations need to keep their grids free of carbon emissions all year round, not just for a few days or weeks.

According to World Economic Forum: "Portugal stands as a European pioneering in clean energy initiatives. In 2016, the country established its ambitious "net zero by 2050" target, three years ahead of most other EU nations. Portugal also closed down its last coal plant in 2021, nine years ahead of its own 2030 target. With the commitment to phasing out gas plants by 2040, Portugal is paving the way for carbon neutrality as early as 2045."