The Food Bank Against Hunger campaign collected almost 2,300 tonnes of food in the last three days, 10 percent more than in the same period last year, the organisation said on Monday.

In a statement, the Portuguese Federation of Food Banks Against Hunger (FPBACF) revealed that it collected more than 2,292 tonnes of food from the 21 banks across the country, compared to 2,098 tonnes in the 2022 campaign.

"The campaign went very well. We had a lot of volunteers and a great turnout of shoppers. Once again, the Portuguese showed great solidarity, whether by donating time or food," the president of the FPBACF, Isabel Jonet, told Lusa.

Around 40,000 volunteers made the campaign possible, which ran from Friday to Sunday under the motto "Your help can be what's missing from a family's table".

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