As the cryptocurrency market evolves, traders often pivot their attention from established coins like Binance (BNB) and Pepe (PEPE) toward promising newcomers. Lately, the landscape has witnessed a significant shift as traders increasingly divert their focus toward an emerging altcoin, leaving behind the once-coveted BNB and PEPE tokens.

Binance (BNB): Unlikely Surge to $506 by 2024

AMBCrypto's Binance (BNB) forecast to hit $506 by 2024 has sparked discussions among traders and analysts. However, a closer analysis suggests that this projection might be a tall order for the Binance Coin to accomplish within the stipulated time frame.

To achieve this target, Binance Coin would need to undergo a substantial surge, with its market cap catapulting from the existing $34B to $76B – an exceedingly high leap in valuation. Additionally, for the Binance Coin price to scale to $506, it would necessitate a significant 122% rise from its current trading price of $227.

Despite Binance Coin showcasing a 63% ratio of positive price days and moderate volatility of 3.79% over the past month, holders remain skeptical about the feasibility of such a monumental surge soon. Although this Binance Coin price prediction is bullish, many traders look elsewhere for profits.

Pepe (PEPE): Another Unattainable Prediction

AMBCrypto also made a prediction for Pepe (PEPE). They foresee its value reaching $0.0000019998 in 2024. Pepe would require an astronomical surge to achieve this valuation, pushing its market cap from the current $445B to an unprecedented $8 quintillion – an increase that doesn't align with logical market dynamics.

Moreover, the present Pepe coin price stands at $0.000001064, demanding an 87% surge to hit the predicted mark, but the speculated market cap is beyond the bounds of reason. Despite Pepe trading above its 21-day EMA and showcasing some positive trends, the projected valuation poses an unattainable feat.

This far-fetched prediction has left many holders skeptical about the coin's growth potential, leading them to explore other cryptocurrency projects that promise more reasonable and feasible growth trajectories.

The Upcoming Crypto MVP

The primary obstacle faced by Binance and Pepe in achieving rapid value escalation lies in their high market caps, for these coins to appreciate significantly a considerable injection of funds is needed, even with an uptick in adoption.

Enter Pullix $PLX, an innovative project launching a one-of-a-kind community-backed exchange platform. Pullix distinguishes itself from Binance by enabling the exchange of all assets, including cryptocurrencies, without needing KYC checks. With its focus on "giving back to the community," Pullix will bring tremendous passive income opportunities.

For instance, if you hold the $PLX token, you will receive a percentage of each transaction made on the platform. Moreover, Pullix will provide multi-currency staking and allow you to stake other coins instead of $PLX on its market-making liquidity pool. All these features are great for those who hold the $PLX token.

Unlike BNB and PEPE, $PLX is now in its presale run with a cost of just $0.04. It gains the upper hand with a low market cap of $8M. In other words, $PLX will surge much faster than its rivals. Because of this, many BNB and PEPE holders are now stockpiling the $PLX token.

According to BIS, the gross market value of OTC derivatives surged by 13% in the latter half of 2022, reaching $20.7T by year-end. This shows the potential growth prospects for platforms like Pullix within the evolving financial landscape, which is why experts predict a 100x growth for it before it's presale finishes.

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