Motorcycle Owners Portugal offers a way to stay connected with like-minded riders and will help you get to know the best spots to explore on your motorcycle.

The frontman of the group, Marco Simões, developed a passion for motorbiking at an early age, courtesy of his brothers and their infectious love for riding. “We weren’t just warriors; we were a full-fledged dynasty! Track racing in South Africa became our playground, with the scent of burning rubber and the thrill of speed becoming the soundtrack of my youth”, Marco told The Portugal News.

However, it wasn’t all about the adrenaline rush, the brothers would turn their garage into a buzzing hub of activity, where they were the motorcycle version of DIY enthusiasts, constantly tinkering, buying, selling, and trading bikes like they were in a “two-wheeled stock market”. “Why? Well, besides the sheer joy of it, it was our ticket to a currency more precious than gold in our teenage minds – the means to upgrade our beloved bikes”, Marco explained.

“So, you see, motorbiking isn´t just a hobby for me; it’s a legacy, a passion that was passed down through the generations of my own backyard biker boot camp”, he shared.

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A supportive community

Before moving to Portugal, Marco was part of a motorcycle group in Cape Town, South Africa, “where we functioned like a close-knit family, prioritising each other’s safety and offering assistance, whether it was related to business matters or a simple roadside breakdown”, he recalled.

Upon moving to Portugal, he encountered numerous groups and clubs, but the language barriers were prevalent and the cultural differences were painfully apparent. Nevertheless, Marco wasn’t alone in facing this challenge.

Recognising the need for a supportive community, Marco initiated the group’s social media page in 2019, and despite a gradual start, the community flourished. “It brings me immense joy to witness our members helping one another in various aspects, from planning rides together to forming lasting friendships. As a foreigner in Portugal, this platform has become a valuable source of camaraderie and friendship, making my experience here feel like a true home away from home”, said the biker.

The group operates without a central base, as their members hail from diverse regions across Portugal, it is a dynamic movement which transcends geographical constraints, organising events and ride-outs that strategically plan trips for participants, who often converge at a midpoint. “In essence, we foster a sense of unity by orchestrating gatherings that bring together members from various corners of the country, embodying the spirit of our movement which thrives on inclusivity and shared experiences”, Marco stated.

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Motorcycle Owners Portugal is a Social Page and Forum, for all bikers and motorcyclists, a general group where you can have discussions, debate, post news updates, share event notifications, give advice on mechanical repairs and servicing, tips, planning group rides and so much more. Currently, the group has 509 members, but the goal is to have “more members than a secret society of ninja unicorns – because why not set the bar high?”, shared the group.

The main goal is to establish a vibrant social community for like-minded riders who share a deep passion for biking, it’s more than just a collective of individuals with a shared interest; “It’s a platform where we come together to foster lasting relationships and build connections.”

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Charity Work

In addition to celebrating the joy of riding and the thrill of meeting fellow enthusiasts, Motorcycle Owners Portugal is committed to making a positive impact on the community. The group would engage in organising events for charitable causes, such as supporting the Red Cross Children’s Hospital and other worthy initiatives that would come to their attention. Marco expressed “We firmly believe that our love for biking can be channelled into being a force for good in Portugal. For us, the essence lies not only in the ride and the gathering but in knowing that we contribute to the betterment of our community, adding a meaningful and purposeful dimension to our shared passion.”

When asked about future plans, Marco concluded “as we move forward, the essence of our group will remain rooted in the joy of the ride and the camaraderie that comes with it. We look forward to more adventures, meaningful connections, and contributing to the well-being of Portugal through our shared passion for biking and our dedication to being a positive force within the community. The future holds health for us to grow, evolve, and continue to make an impact on both the biking culture and the wider society”.

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Motorcycle Owners Portugal Event

Kicking off the party with a purpose!

The group will be rallying together to raise funds to replant the trees which burned during the fires in Leiria. This event on February 10 is not just about the roar of engines, but also about revving up support for a cause close to their hearts.

What’s a good cause without some good eats? There will be bifanas sizzling on the grill and beer flowing like a mountain stream.

Need a place to crash after the festivities? Camping options are on the table.

The hosts, Steve and Sarah at Quinta De Chumbaria will not only be providing a backdrop, rumour has it they might give you a tour that’s more thrilling than a roller-coaster and throw in some wisdom just for kicks.

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