After the demonstrations in Lisbon and Porto, which in January brought together thousands of members of the security forces and which were considered the largest ever, the platform that brings together PSP unions and GNR associations promotes vigils from 06:00 today at the airports of Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Ponta Delgada and Funchal, in addition to the seaport of Lisbon.

The platform's spokesperson, Bruno Pereira, told Lusa that the police chose the airports for the vigils, as they are “symbolic for anyone visiting Portugal”, with these protests aiming to “demonstrate the salary problems of the Portuguese police”.

The president of the National Union of Police Officers (SNOP) added that “it is important to keep the matter on the agenda” so that the next Government takes a position regarding the payment of the mission supplement, similar to what was done for the P.J.

Members of the PSP and GNR have staged several protests to demand a supplement identical to that allocated to the Judiciary Police, with the protest beginning more than a month ago.