The British record-holder and motivational speaker shared his personal story, providing a poignant finale to an inaugural Algarve Business Mastery retreat, held in January, organised by Ideal Homes Portugal founder Chris White.

The five-day event, held in Almancil, in the central Algarve, welcomed a small and diverse group of entrepreneurs and covered various aspects of professional growth. Lyndon made a flying 48-hour visit to Almancil to wrap up the retreat.

Lyndon’s journey is one of resilience, having overcome the physical challenges of losing limbs to meningitis as a baby. Introduced to the pool at a young age by his grandparents and inspired by the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, through determination and dedication, he propelled his passion for swimming to the next level.

He took part in his first national championship at the age of 16 and was an Olympic torchbearer for London 2012. After missing out on selection for the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Paralympics, Lyndon decided to take a break from competitive swimming. That was until the birth of his daughter in 2018.

“I introduced my daughter to the water and it reignited the flame. That’s what motivated me to get back in the pool and try again”, he shares.

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That revived spark propelled Lyndon to Tokyo 2020 (held in 2021) and the Madeira 2022 World Para Swimming Championships. Reflecting, he says, “Tokyo was an amazing atmosphere. It was incredible to go out there, represent my country and say look, I’ve done this. But the hunger was there for more.”

His focus is now firmly set on Paris 2024.

Lyndon not only excels in sport but is also a talented web designer and public speaker, delivering motivational talks to establishments in the UK and beyond. The roots of Chris White and Lyndon's connection trace back nearly a decade, having been introduced in the Algarve by a mutual acquaintance. The pair’s close friendship has spanned years and continents, leading to travels and participation in events globally.

Last year, the duo created a joint web-design venture, Ideal Web Innovations, which launched this month.

Reflecting on his journey and the “crazy past few months,” Lyndon emphasises the importance of a positive attitude and mindset.

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“All the way through life, I’ve always been taught it’s a positive attitude that gets you through things. Having a can-do attitude will drive you forward. I’ve always seen it as, let’s just tackle every obstacle that’s thrown in my way,” he shares, adding: “For me, resilience matters more than anything.”

Chris White, the founder and CEO of Ideal Homes Portugal, regards Lyndon as a true inspiration.

He comments, “This retreat was an opportunity not only for me to help others by sharing my experience and knowledge, but also for everyone to have fun and learn from each other. Having Lyndon speak at the event was the cherry on the cake.

“He's not just an amazing swimmer, but he’s also an amazing and inspiring guy. And he’s hilarious. We’re looking forward to cheering him on in Paris.”